Ascotech Sprinkler Fire & Security quality manual provides documentation and the system complies with the latest international quality standard ISO 9001/2008.

The system covers every thing:

Foam planning, construction, purchases and production to marketing, delivery and service. And this applies to fire protection systems as well as components.

If special requirements are involved, which is not unusual in the industry, for instance, they are also taken into account.

In other wards, Ascotech Sprinkler Fire & Security provides security, not only against fire but also against defects in the system’s that are designed to extinguish the fire.

Ascotech Sprinkler Fire & Security has developed a fully integrated project management system to ensure that all projects are carried out in close accordance with the schedules, specifications and prices agreed upon with our clients.

At any time during the project process the client can contacts the project manager and obtain information about the accurate status of the project. The great flexibility of the project management system furthermore opens up the possibility of making project adjustments and alteration during the process.

Ascotech Sprinkler Fire & Security quality control system is also quits unique. It ensure that all the good arguments and promises hold in real life.

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